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This past weekend I headed out for Fujifilm’s Walk in the Park with the Fuji Guys - Toronto Edition. It was held at the Evergreen Brickworks. The day was a huge success and an awful lot of fun. The venue is such an unbelievable mix of industrial, urban and nature all in one place in the heart of Toronto. If you’ve never been I highly recommend checking it out.  I packed light taking my trusty X100 and an X-T1 with an 18-55mm lens as well as my Chrome Industries Niko Sling and an old generic monopod. I borrowed a 10-24 for a few minutes which was pretty wild. 

Anyhow, as I mentioned the day was a blast. I’m looking forward to the next one and just exploring and shooting more in general. 

Photography Videos

I don’t think that it’s any secret that Instagram has done more for photography in the past few years that just about anything else in recent memory. It’s put photography back in the spotlight, it’s made it accessible and it’s got people interested again. Average (non photographer) people are striving to take better photos because they want their feeds to be something to be proud of. It’s been wild to witness people taking pride and pushing to take better photos again. It’s turned average people with a smartphone into celebrity photographers and it’s turned top notch professional photographers into superstars. A lot of people would argue that digital and then smartphone photography were the death of “real” photography but it feels like Instagram is the long anticipated rebirth. I love it! I’d argue that it’s the best way to gain exposure (pun intended) for anyone looking to be noticed. I hear more and more stories every day about people gaining opportunities through brands noticing their Instagram feeds and then working together. It’s so good.

Now, back to the original intent of this post. Videos haha. Along with the rebirth of the photographic cool has come a number of short videos that have featured some of the new InstaFamous and the old Pro’s that have reached Instagram superstardom. Some have been made of them and some they’ve made themselves but I’ve been really enjoying all of them so I thought I’d share.

First up: Watch X Witness. Videos featuring Jason Goldwatch and 13th Witness (Timothy McGurr) these videos follow them on their photographic adventures and are always extremely entertaining.

1-2-1 w/jeffstaple feat. 13th Witness from staplepigeon on Vimeo.

Next Up: Trashhand. Three years ago he started on Instagram unknown. 3 years later he has almost 300,000 followers and is now teaching classes through Skillshare about how to be a better photographer.

TRASHHAND x SQUARE56 “RUNNING from Square56 on Vimeo.

Yesterday I came across a couple featuring some Toronto talent. Tilore, @jayscale, @visionelie, @appalledq and @Tahaphoto

Let us Roam has been a great series that features some predominant figures from skateboard world that are passionate or pro photographers. Featuring @Artofoto, @atibaphoto, Ray Barbee and others

LET US ROAM – Official Trailer from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

LET US ROAM – Atiba Jefferson from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

LET US ROAM – Arto Saari from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

LET US ROAM – Ray Barbee from Let Us Roam on Vimeo.

And here are a few others that I’ve just been enjoying.

HYPEBEAST x VSCO from VSCO on Vimeo.

Highsnobiety TV: A Conversation With NY Photographer Jonathan Mannion from Highsnobiety on Vimeo.

William Yan – A Day in the Life. from Sean Sullivan on Vimeo.

Ed Templeton: A Professional Skateboarder Turns Artist from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

That’s about it for now. The other great thing about this post is I now have all of my favourite videos in one place :). As I mentioned earlier I’m super stoked on this wave of photography and exploration and can literally sit here for hours watching these videos. Hope you enjoy them. If you know of any others please let me know.

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